Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My online dating disaster

Heyyy! I've been quiet for a while...

In my silly attempt to meet someone and get out of the single life a decided to experiment with online dating (boy! Oh boy!) a friend recommended a site called POF ( plenty of fish) now the name alone sound silly, considering i don't know how to swim in those type of websites.

24 hours after signing up i had received almost 400 msgs, my first thought was waooo there are a lot of single people out there I'm not alone! The second thought was "these men are savages acting like fish when a bait is thrown"

The names the guys come up with are straight up Corny, funny and ridiculous here are a few that i laughed at:

-2busydoingme, well that right there is a turn off if soooo busy doing you when will you do me??? he confused? You either wrong or right,  he's one confused soul!
-Platanofrito...osea! Come on doesn't any more tackier or Dominican than that
-Acesfull...he cant spell his own name, shame on him!
-Sexxyazzd...really? Let someone tell you that you are sexy and he was not sexy at all!! your name jack??? I'm thinking his name had something to do with a sex part...just thinking like a guy for a moment.

The list of bad names can go on....if i think of more, i will add.

The message below is the one of the many messages i received that had me with a confused expression as i read it.

This guys first msg said:
i was skeptical about the on line hookup thing but I let a friend convince me to try it out. My honest opinion is that the site is lame. Once in awhile you'll come across someone who's genuine but for the most part no ones who they say they are.

After a few lines in conversation he says:
I hope you have a sec so that I can explain. Although my profile says that I'm 35, I'm actually 40. I was with my ex wife for 24 yrs and in that time we had three beautiful children two of which are in college now. We met when we were kids and unfortunately we never learned how to be friends or even communicate for that matter, and because if that it caused me to see someone else

The pictures....omg!!!! See for yourself: Just a small sample.

                                                      I think he's trying to be Funny...FAIL!
                                              This guy reminds me of BLUES CLUES
                                          DUDE!!! for real?? Clean up your boogers Gross!!
                                                                LOL!! that's all i could say!
                                  I think he's in the wrong site...or at least in the wrong side of it

                                           Now this guy looked little decent, but is that a freaking DOLLAR!!???


           Maybe it was Halloween, but his arms look like those thin balloons when they get deflated

Well i  guess his other head is too busy

I figure i throw this guy in after that traumatizing show.... ummmm he so sexy

70 percent of profiles i read where looking for a down to earth woman, a best friend that can make them laugh, cook, clean ect ect...basically a maid...they should go to instead

Some are looking for a woman between 20 and 40, to me those men are bottom feeders they will talk to anything that talks to them, there is a huge difference in that age range, they just looking a little desperate.

Like 20 profiles where "single dads" is that the new pick up nowadays?? I'm wondering if they think having kids and being single is consider being a single dad?

A lot guys had pictures with cars that are probably not theirs, they just happen to walk by the car and said "hey this for my online profile chicks will definitely dig me"

The pictures in the mirrors where everywhere on the site although girls do it all the time and didn't think guys did it too.
A lot guys out there love to talk about the famous DUCK face picture, and they do it too the difference is that they look like a constipated duck, Suckers!!

There are plenty of shirtless man six packs, three pac, twelve pac, one pac, round pac and 2 pac (not the rapper)...they get an A+ for confidence but some of those pics should be illegal to look at, is traumatizing to the human eye.

Almost everyone lies in their profile but these guys where very creative liars, you can tell by reading it and getting a msg from them that they did not write their own profile.

 I left this one for last because it was so funny that i laughed for almost an hour.
This guy seem very genuine, he worked with kids and was very educated (all according to him), he was honest and loving and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!....

Now tell me whats wrong with this picture...

all i have to say is that after this i deleted my picture and profile!!!....I was done.

Online dating is very common these days, my experience felt like i was at the bottom of the sea looking for a rare fish, that no one will ever find.

 I've decided to stick with the face to face, first impression type of thing... I'm picky on real life and i found that i was EXTREMELY picky online...Maybe i didn't try hard enough but i was on long enough to know Mr. Right for me is not behind a computer screen looking for me.

Now if you want to find an ugly man, this is the website for you...95% of the man on this page are just FUGLY...(fucking ugly), this site should actually call POUM (plentyofugly

I've come to one simple conclusion: I'm going to stay single longer than i thought!! PERO antes muerta que sencilla!...

Until the next one! I hope you like the post; thanks for reading!


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Necesito su ayuda, todo por una buena causa

Mis queridos amigos el domingo 04 de marzo voy a estar Spinning durante 2 horas para recaudar fondos para la Investigación de la Sociedad Americana del Cáncer del Seno y del Centro de Cáncer Whittingham en Norwalk Hospital, lo que estoy pidiendo su ayuda para que podamos recaudar dinero tanto como nos sea posible incluso si sólo se puede donar $ 1 o $ 2 que será muy apreciada ....  haciendo esto por todas las mujeres fuertes en el mundo que tienen la batalla con esta terrible enfermedad, por las que perdieron la batalla y se fueron al cielo dejando atras sus seres queridos, yo estoy haciendo esto por una amiga, para una madre, una hija, una hermana, una esposa para todas las mujeres fuertes que diagnóstican a diario. Gracias ... si usted no puede donar por favor ayuda al compartir este enlace con tus amigos

Please help me raise money for American Cancer Society, use the above link to donate. The website is secure, fast and easy to use.  At the website you will be able to choose an amount to donate and receive email confirmation of your donation.  Thanks in advance for your help.