Friday, August 2, 2013

Pay it Forward Challenge

I walked into my favorite place to do my pay it forward challenge, Meet Denise, she was buying Coffee for herself and a friend. So I asked Denise, Do you mind if I buy you lunch today? She said are you sure i'm buying for a friend at work too and i said whatever you want!

I explained to her what i was doing and how i wanted to encourage my friends to do the same by following my lead and that's why i needed a picture, I told her even if she if I did not get a picture I was buying her lunch, she was hesitant because, She thought she didn't take good pictures, I took her Picture and complimented her; She looks lovely!...She said: "This is the best thing that has ever happen to me! My luck must be changing!" Then she asked what i did and I told her I encourage others to get Healthy and Fit. She was so happy, i couldn't help to walk to work with a smile and my heart was filled with Joy! I told Denise: Have Faith and Believe that's all the Luck you need!... #Payitforward

As I walked out I felt, My Faith and Believe is strengthening.

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Datfrwkhin said...

Es bonito volver a reencontrarme con sus escritos, y con esa parte de usted que se me hacia perdida... es bueno saber que sigue tan bien y hermosa como siempre..!