Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What if?

I stopped caring about the What If's....What if so and so doesn't like my picture, what if my pimples show, what if my teeth are too crocked, what if i'm not beautiful enough, what if someone sees my many (self) pictures and thinks I'm crazy...Guess what? I love me, my teeth are crooked, I'm so beautiful on the inside that my outside shines with beauty and YES I'M ABSOLUTELY CRAZY! about life, my kids, friends, music...I'm crazy about life in general. Last week it started to rain and for the first time since i was a kid I just stood still, smelled the rain and let it fall on my recently done hair and it was an awesome feeling. What if i wasn't here tomorrow? How will you remember me? Celebrate yourself! Celebrate life! I'm God's creation!

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