Monday, July 15, 2013

Focus T25 Week 3 Day 1

Holaaaaa is mondayyyyy!!!! Woohoooo!! So, I had a ok weekend nothing major really happened,I went to the city and kept thinking how wonderful it will be if i had a CHIMI or a MOFONGO! OMG!! I would close my eyes and picture myself stuffing my face to some delicious but very fattening dominican cuisine but i was strong super strong and and just ate mangos and coconut! LOL hey! the thought was actually better i closed my eyes and pictured myself at the beach con un coco de agua! Anyway! I'm super excited about my two week progress, i do have a picture but i've decided to save it for my end result post. Becoming a Beachbody Coach has really changed the way i think and feel about so many things, before i started my journey i would see a heavy set person and think like the rest of the world ("omg he/she is so fat, poor thing") But i was FAT too so WTH. Now i feel like reaching out, like hey i can help you, i mean i know i just started this, but my journey so far has been amazing and I know that this is my purpose to help others, I've always wanted too help others but i didn't know it was my true calling. This week will be amazing, i can already feel the JOY! hasta luego!

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